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CONNECT - Invite Users

You can invite users to a page if you are the page's admin or co-admin or if you are a member of the page and the permission for invitation is enabled.

To invite users you can either use the + Add of a page or as a page admin you can add new users within the member administration tab of the page settings  .

The invitation dialog allows you to invite an individual person or a group of persons. The persons you want to invite can either be individual persons with an existing accounts, members of a specific page or persons, that do not have an account, yet. You can compile the recipient list arbitrarily.

You can add an optional  message to your invitation as well. 

Once you have sent the invitation the invitees are receiving an email and/or a notification in JUST SOCIAL. 

The invitees will be added to the "invited user" lists in the member administration of the page settings, see Member Admnistration.



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