The First Steps After Login


The First Steps After Login

Personal Startpage

After you have successfully logged in you are automatically forwarded to your personal startpage. This page provides an aggregated overview of all activities of content, that you have subscribed to.

Create Content

Content in JUST CONNECT is organized in pages. Pages provide a kind of container that allow to structure your content. Pages have different types. The page types are:

  •   Organization
  •   Group
  •   Content page
  •   Event
  •  Task 
  •   News 

To create a new page, you can either click on the "Create page" button on your personal start page or click on the "Add"-button of another page, e.g. your main organization page. By subordinating pages you are structuring your content.

Each page type has different modules to manage your content. These modules are:

  • Wiki editor
  • Documents
  • Videos
  • Photos
  • Microblog-Posts
  • Surveys

Invite Users

After you have created a page, you can invite new or existing users by clicking on the "Add"-button of the page, e.g. you can invite users to your main organization. After they have accepted the invitation, they are becoming members of the page. 

Modify Profile

Every user has its own profile containing personal information, such as name, contact data, expertise, memberships, etc. To modify the profile you can e.g. click on your profile image within the upper navigation.

Chat With Others

To communicate in real-time with others you can start a chat. To start a chat you can click on the   icon within the chat or on the "Start chat" link on the profile directly. 

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