With JUST SOCIAL we will provide you with all collaboration apps you need - easy to use and beautifully integrated.

Our new version (JUST 9) of JUST SOCIAL starts with two apps: JUST CONNECT  and JUST CHAT . More will come shortly. 


JUST CONNECT allows you to connect and share information with your colleagues. 

Overview of JUST CONNECT -  Please click to maximize

JUST CONNECT consists of four sections:

  • Upper horizontal navigation
  • Left navigation
  • Chat at right sidebar
  • Main section

Upper horizontal navigation

The upper horizontal navigation provides quick access to the major views in JUST SOCIAL. It's available in every app. 

The logo on the upper left side is adjustable for your organization - except in the Freemium cloud version - and leads to your personal start page.

If you click on the menu right next to the logo additional navigation links show up. These navigation links are configurable for your organization - and can contain arbitrary internal and external links.

One of JUST SOCIAL assets is its powerful search. To find your relevant content just type in your search term in the upper search bar and you get results suggested. Hitting enter or the magnifier initiates a full text search.

The home icon on the right leads you to your personal startpage. If you click on the bell icon it displays the list of your personal notifications, e.g. if you got an invitation to a group. Clicking on the calendar icon opens a monthly overview of your current appointments.

When clicking on your profile icon on the right, you can access and modify your profile and account settings and you can log out as well.

Left navigation

The left navigation provides quick access to your pages (your personal start page, your content pages, tasks, events, organizations, groups) and documents, that you created, joined or subscribed to. 

Chat at right sidebar

At the right sidebar you can access the JUST CHAT messaging system without leaving the JUST CONNECT app. You can easily and instantly exchange messages with individual users and within groups as well. The JUST CHAT app is available within JUST CONNECT at the sidebar or in the full view mode when selecting the JUST CHAT app in the app switcher. 

Main section

The main section displays pages, profiles and search results.



With JUST CHAT you can easily exchange messages and collaborate in real-time.

JUST CHAT as full view - Please click to maximize

JUST CHAT provides two types of chats: A private and a group chat. When you want to communicate with just one person, you can start a private chat and if you want to exchange messages with more than one person you can initiate a group chat.

To start a new chat you enter the person's name within the search field of the left sidebar. After you have found the person you want to chat with you either select the profile from the search result list or hit "Start a new multi-user chat". 

You can then type your first messages in the message box within the chat details section.

In case of a group chat you can add more members by searching and adding persons from the search results within the chat member section on the right.

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