The first steps after login


With this guide we want to give you a quick start and a first overview of our software. For more detailed requirements and questions, please feel free to browse the other sections of our support pages.


  1. Homescreen - your dashboard for switching apps

After logging in, you will find yourself on the home screen. This shows you an overview of all the apps that are available to you. From here you can jump to any app. We recommend that you start with the News app.


  1. Newsfeed in Just News

When you switch to the News app, your newsfeed is initially displayed. This page shows you - sorted chronologically - content and activities from all the channels in Just News that you follow.

You will find an overview of all channels under the antenna symbol. You can access your newsfeed via the RSS symbol. As an admin, you can create new news channels in the news channel overview page.




3. Edit your own profile

Each user has their own profile through which they can present themselves. With your own profile, you should always make sure that it is filled with the information that is important for the cooperation and that you also want to share with them.

You can access your profile in two ways: Either click on "To Profile" at the top of your homescreen (below the greeting message) or open the menu in the top right corner and then click "My profile".




4. Just Chat: Start a chat

If you have been invited to an organisation or have created one yourself, you can immediately communicate with your colleagues in real time. This is done in the Just Chat app. You can access the chat either via the home screen or via the corresponding icon (speech bubble) in the horizontal navigation. This way, you can quickly write with your colleagues from anywhere in Just Social.


To start a chat, click on the "+" icon and search for the person's name. If you have just registered for a new organisation and there are no other users in your organisation, invite your colleagues to the platform first.





For admins:

Create content in Just News

As a first action in Just News, you should create a news channel. How about a "Personal News" channel? A news channel is used to communicate news about a topic to all users through posts. Posts are short messages published by users on the different channels. You should enrich these posts with additional content such as pictures and links.

You can create a channel by clicking on the "Create news channel" button. You will find the button in the upper right corner when you have klicket in the  antenna to see the overview of news channels.


Activate Newscover

When you start Just Social in the morning, the news cover greets you. You can also switch off the function if you want to land directly on the homescreen.


Add user profiles

Being alone is stupid. Therefore, invite colleagues to Just Social to work together with you. You can do this via the Admin App. Here you can generate and activate a general invitation link or create a user profile yourself.


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